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If you chose to pay for a purchase using a credit card, your payment will be processed by a trusted and certified company. The data that is sent to make your payment is encoded and does not pose any risk for our customers. Another benefit of using a credit card is fast delivery because your payment is made at the same time as your order.


In order to make a payment using PayPal, you will already need to have a PayPal account. Setting up a PayPal account is very easy and can be done by visiting http://www.paypal.com. PayPal payments are made by using your PayPal email address and password. This is a very secure and reliable method as you don't need to supply credit card data. Another benefit of using PayPal is fast delivery because your payment is made at the same time as your order.


If you choose to pay by Money Transfer or Prepayment you will receive the pertinent data for our bank account together with your order confirmation by e-mail. You will need this information when instructing your bank to transfer the appropriate funds to our bank account at the Baden-Württembergischen Bank, Stuttgart. This payment method delays delivery times because your payment has to be cleared and tracked by our bookkeeping department.


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