Thank you for your interest in our new Flieger PRO models and in our competition. Unfortunately, you are a little late to participate. The raffle has ended since October 16, 2021 and the lucky winner will be determined in the next few days. Are you interested in a Karlsruhe or Stuttgart PRO, or in one of our many other watch models? Then just take a look at our current models. Maybe there is something for you?


With kind regards

Your Laco Team

Uhrenkonfigurator – Laco Uhrenmanufaktur

Flieger PRO 
unmistakably personal.

Every single watch is made individually in Pforzheim as a unique product according to your personal composition. 
Discover the "Flieger PRO" as a personal composition of a "customized" pilot watch for your wrist.

Discover now

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