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Time for elegance

time for a Laco classic


Laco Classics – always the right choice

Timeless elegance, unique charisma and quality you can count on – our Laco Classics provide you with clean aesthetics. Based on the design of the Bauhaus style, our Classics combine pure design with the proven quality and reliability of our Laco watch manufactory. For a special personal touch, we can engrave your watch free of charge and turn it into of a kind. 

Laco Classic Brandenburg 40

Laco Classics
Brandenburg 40

Pure, stylish and suitable for every occasion – our Brandenburg 40 adds unique elegance to any of your outfits. As the embodiment of the Bauhaus principle “form follows function”, this watch impresses with its timeless design and modern purism. 


Our Brandenburg 40 is a timeless classic.  

FROm 1.200,-€ (RRP) 

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur – Classic Weimar 40

Laco Classics
Weimar 40

In the athletic interpretation of the Bauhaus style, the red second hand is a true eye-catcher. With its brushed stainless steel case, mineral glass base and a black nylon strap, this watch embodies a casual sense of style. If you wish, we can add a unique touch and engrave the rotor or the side of the case for free.  


The model is also available in the smaller 38mm version.

From 440,-€ (RRP) 

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur – Classic Azur 40

Laco Classics
Azur 40

The name says it all: our Azur shines with a blue sunray dial in a bright night blue. The matching nylon strap rounds off the extraordinary look of the Azur in the brushed stainless steel case. In this model you can engrave the rotor and the side of the case for free.


This watch is also available in Stone Grey, Mocca and Petrol.

From 440,-€ (RRP)

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur – Classic Plauen 40

Laco Classics
Plauen 40

Prove your timeless sense of style with our Plauen 40. The brushed stainless steel case features a white dial where thermally blued steel hands make their rounds. With a brown calfskin strap, the Plauen 40 is a noble eye-catcher. To make your watch truly unique, we can engrave the side of the case for free. 


This watch brings the Bauhaus style into the modern age.

From 1.200,-€ (RRP)

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur – Classic Cottbus 40

Laco Classics
Cottbus 40

Your wrist has never been this chic. Our Cottbus 40 captivates you with loving details such as the filigree silver minutes and a view through the mineral glass bottom. Thanks to the sleek design and the light, subtle colours, this model radiates grace and elegance.


Our Cottbus 40 represents pure aesthetic.

Ab 440,-€ (RRP)

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur – Classic Stone 40

Laco Classics
Stone 40

Classic, stylish and tone-in-tone – our Stone 40 shines in the most beautiful shades of grey. Especially the sunburst dial shows the colour in its finest nuances and embodies the perfect elegance of this model. Silver hands and a silver minute dial complete the timeless design.


For a really unique watch, we will engrave it free of charge.

From 440,-€ (RRP)

Uhren mit individueller Gravur von Laco

Free engraving - turn your watch into one of a kind

We offer free engravings for a variety of our watches. A few nice words, a special date or a name – with an engraving your watch becomes unique. Depending on the model we can engrave the back, the case or even the rotor. Explore your way to make a statement for craftsmanship and individuality. Especially in the age of mass production, an engraved Laco watch is a message of value.

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