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Happy customers are our biggest success. They wear our watches everyday and test them in day-to-day situations as well as in exciting adventures – they know exactly what Laco watches are all about. Even the trade press, passionate watch experts and renowned watch blogs keep a close eye on our watches. We would like to share their opinions with you!

Because we at Laco take great pride in caring about the opinion of our customers and love receiving feedback, constructive criticism and inspiration. We want to become a little bit better every day.

"I like it — it looks tool-ish, sturdy, and professional."

As a GMT first-timer, with the Frankfurt, Laco came up with a very attractive watch. Easy on the eyes, a sturdy and professional appearance, and comfortable to wear. The functionality of the watch, simultaneously showing the time in different time-zones, proved to be perfect as well.

"Mich hat lange keine Fliegeruhr so begeistert"

Die Laco Frankfurt ist für mich eine der gelungensten Neu-Interpretation einer Fliegeruhr, die ich in letzter Zeit gesehen habe.

"Der Traditionshersteller setzt auf eigenständiges Design"

Statt sich im vermeintlich sicheren Hafen des ubiquitären Pepsi-GMT-Designs zu bewegen und überhastet ein entsprechendes Modell herauszubringen (wie so manch anderer Hersteller, der etwas vom GMT-Kuchen abhaben wollte), hat sich Laco vergleichsweise viel Zeit gelassen. Und das Warten hat sich mehr als gelohnt! Der Pforzheimer Traditionshersteller hat die Zeit genutzt, um eine exzellent verarbeitete GMT-Fliegeruhr mit vielen eigenständigen, durchdachten, perfekt harmonierenden und liebevollen Design-Elementen zu lancieren – was will ein Uhrenfreund mehr?

"There is only one place I can start with this review and that’s with the beautiful movement"

This beautiful pocket watch based movement is a pleasure to wind daily and really helps you build a connection with the watch and helps you form a love with it, that you wouldn’t get with an automatic that you simply stick on your wrist. (…) At a price point of €980 from this watch provides affordable and accessible luxury.

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