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Fascination of patina Laco
starts with a new model in the "Bronze Age"

Pforzheim, October 2017 – Hardly any material inspires watch lovers as much as bronze. Their fascination is driven by the multi-layered patina of those time-pieces, which forms on a bronze case during the first weeks and months and protects the material from corrosion. This patina gives each timepiece a touch of individuality. Now the German watch brand Laco brings four models of this unique material to the market. Bronze is one of the oldest materials of mankind – and one surrounded by myths: when people began to cast tools, weapons, jewellery and statues from bronze, the first advanced civilization emerged. There is no more sustainable material. It not only resists salt water and fresh water, it is also anti-magnetic, low-wear and weighs only slightly more than stainless steel. The most beautiful feature of bronze is its patina. It gives bronze watches a distinctive, individual touch, which develops on every case at different speeds. Some owners experience the change of the surface after just two weeks, some only after months. After a while there no bronze watch is the same like the other, and each wearer after a short time possesses a unique product. 


With its history in the production of pilot and navigation watches and with its "Erbstück” model series, Laco has long been a first address for the lovers of vintage watches. Each "Erbstück” watch is processed and aged by hand. The new bronze watch, whose face, hands and leather strap have also been individually aged, continues this tradition in a noble way. With its flamboyant case diameter of 45 millimetres, the pilot watch resembles the models from the past, worn by the pilots on their pilot jackets. The case is sand-blasted. The engraved case bottom is made of stainless steel. The Laco bronze watch is available in the design of type A and B. It is available with the Laco 01 handwinding, which is based on the ETA 2801.2 and with the Laco 24 automatic movement based on the ETA 2824.2. Lacos new bronze pilot watches are made with their authentic material for those men who love adventure and nature. In the open, the fascinating patina forms particularly fast. The vintage look underlines true to the original leather straps in the heritage style with high wearing comfort. 


With its bronze watch Laco does not celebrate the latest technical invention from the laboratory, but an imperishable material made for eternity.



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