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Gray is the new black

Our models Augsburg and Aachen now in a new color scheme

Monochrome design: a timeless aesthetic

Minimalism and monochrome in particular have a calming and relaxing effect. Monochrome designs, especially in neutral colors like black, white or gray, create an elegant and refined aesthetic.


With these features, the new "Augsburg Grau" (means: gray) and "Aachen Grau" models present themselves as a stylish addition to the basic pilot watch series.

Aachen Grau

Gray - the trend color with that certain something

Characterized by the classic business color gray, these timepieces are perfect for a clean appearance, as the color is considered sophisticated and timeless.


In current fashion, gray is often the new black, as it is not a strong contrast but an ideal complement to many colors.

Augsburg und Aachen Grau

Thermal blued hands

Only for the second time, after the limited Polar edition, the models of the Laco basic line are equipped with thermally blued hands, which shimmer in different shades of blue depending on the incidence of light, sometimes appearing almost black.


The metallic blue shimmering frames of the hour and minute hands break the monochromaticity and are a real eye-catcher.

Directly to the watch


Superluminova BGW 9

Numerals, indices and hands are covered with the luminous material Superluminova BGW 9, which appears in clear white in daylight and offers a harmonious interplay with the gray background.

In the dark, the elements glow in a light blue-green and ensure perfect readability even at night.

Directly to the watch