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GMT PreSale – Laco

Cleared for Take Off – Frankfurt GMT pilot watches

TWo models, two time zones - one glance.

Berlin today, London tomorrow, New York the day after - businesspersons, globetrotters and pilots have long been travelling back and forth between different time zones. By displaying two time zones, GMT watches fulfil the needs of a sophisticated society in an era of global communication.

GMT stands for "Greenwich Mean Time", which is the mean solar time at the prime meridian. The first time zone serving as a standard for all time zones worldwide was replaced by "Coordinated Universal Times", or UTC in the 1970s. The term GMT is still common in watchmaking, and is used when two time zones can be displayed on the timepiece. The original intention was to display Greenwich Mean Time in addition to the respective local time.

Starting on the 5th september, you have the option to pre-order a Frankfurt GMT from the first production. This ensures that you will receive your chosen model before 13 December of this year - well before Christmas. 

Due to the large demand we received when the presale was announced, the production run will probably be available for a limited period only. In other words: anyone who does not order early will probably have to wait until 2020. 

GMT Franfurt Schwarz & Grau

Pilot watches Frankfurt
"Schwarz" & "Grau"

Our GMT watches stand for reliability, strength and precision. A dark, titanium blasted surface, 43 mm diameter and pressure resistance up to 20 bar - even the distinctive stainless steel housing is reminiscent of our original pilot watches.

Numerals, indices and the thermally blued hands are coated with a luminous substance, guaranteeing perfect legibility day and night.

Frankfurt GMT grau Frankfurt GMT schwaRZ

Details der GMT-Modelle von Laco

two times at a glance

The second time zone can be displayed by the 24-hour hand and the inner rotating bezel. This rotating bezel is ball bearing mounted and can be adjusted quickly, precisely and safely with the second crown.

The movement Laco 93 is based on the tried and trusted Kaliber ETA 2893-2, and is a mechanical movement with an automatic winding.

Rückseite der GMT Frankfurt von Laco

Pilot watches with character

The passion with which our watchmakers devote themselves to their craft is displayed in elaborate details, making our GMT models extra-special.

Splashes of colour, the stylised aircraft on the second hand and the delicate aircraft relief on the steel base give our watches their unique character.

GMT Modelle von Laco

cosmopolitans in the world of timepieces

GMT pilot watches trace their origins to the infancy of commercial flight. During the post-war era, they began a new chapter in the history of pilot watches, remaining "cosmopolitans in the world of timepieces" to the present day.

GMT stands for  Greenwich Mean Time, referring to the mean solar time in Greenwich, London.

perfection in every single detail

Our watchmaking staff worked full steam, as there was a lot to be done until the pre-sale starts. A sporty nylon band or perhaps something more elegant? Black, grey or orange? Would you prefer a pure white or delicate pale green superluminova coating? Should the aircraft relief shine on the base, or would you like an alternative design? So many questions to consider!


Each issue was examined painstakingly, handled with loving attention to detail and discussed at length - we do all we can to meet high quality standards for every watch. 

GMT Fliegeruhren von Laco
GMT-Armbänder von Laco
GMT watches von Laco
GMT-Armbänder von Laco
GMT-Armbänder von Laco

the final touch - time to perfect the new models